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We now have two new places in Lapland / Norhern Sweden added to the SwedenFishing website; J.L Guidning and Kultsjögården in Saxnäs. Both offer a nice mix of fishing in the Land of the midnight sun, and you can rest assured they will do everything to maximize your chanses to hook up with some good trout, char, grayling and even pike. 


More info by folowing links below:


J.L Guidning: 


Kultsjögården Saxnäs: 


Kultsjögården Saxnäs



We are currently working on adding FishingCenter Saxnäs - Kultsjögården to the SwedenFishing network. Pictured are the new owners and fishing guides Mattias Nilsson and Casper Sivén, planning the upcoming season in one of the finest fishing areas in northern Sweden. Below is a short clip about early season trout fishing. We wish the boys good luck with the new setup in Saxnäs. 


Pictures are captured by talanted outdoor photographer Magnus Ström, see more at >>>



Lapland Vuollerim “Innovation Award”



Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is one of the finalists in the category “Innovation Award” to the international prize “Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2014”!


It is the global organization World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) that is recognizing sustainable tourism best practices in businesses and destinations worldwide. Lapland Vuollerim has been selected to be one of three finalists in the category “Innovation Award” – one of the most honorable awards for sustainable tourism in the world. The award is presented in six categories with three finalists in each. They are selected out of 174 applicants from 56 countries worldwide.


Lapland Vuollerim is the only finalist from Scandinavia. Other finalists come from countries like Chile, India, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Tanzania. Örjan Kraft, one of the initiators says;  “What a heck of a start of the new year! We are still pinching our arms here. This is the second international nomination in a short time. It’s incredible what people in a small village can achieve together! This is definitely an acknowledgement for everyone that is involved in developing this region.” 


The winners will be announced during a Gala evening at WTTC’s annual Global Summit, to be held in Hainan, China, on 24 April 2014.


From the WTTC website:
Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You is a fine example of an organisation that thinks outside the box. A ‘why didn’t we think of that’ sort of innovator. Realising that food is central to successful sustainable tourism, they offer guests three courses for dinner served at three different local homes. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. In fact, since 2008, this community organisation has devised fifty genuine Lappish life experiences, where guests interact with local people. Becoming a company in 2010, it reinvests a hundred per cent into the local economy. With exemplary stakeholder cooperation, they create social capital with products such as the Cloudberry Festival and The Festival of a 1000 Lanterns, river swimming in the midnight sun or ‘skijoring’ behind a horse. All innovative. All inspired by villagers. Villagers who tell us, “What an honour this nomination is. It is mind-blowing to see the waves that are created when many individuals come together to act for the common good for a community‘. We think that the honour is, in fact, for the guests who are invited into this inspiring community with such warmth and genuine Lappish welcome. 


Here is a link to one of the packages:


Read more here about Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You on


Merry Christmas



The SwedenFishing crew and all associated camps and guides wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 


We are also happy to announce another partner i Swedish Lapland, Abisko Guesthouse, read more about them here >>>


Swedish Lapland Trout & Grayling


The good Danish guys in Inwaders Media spent some weeks in Swedish Lapland this summer and made a nice short movie about their ramblins in the mountains; hiking, camping and fly fishing for brown trout, char and grayling. 


Lapland in waders 2013 from Inwaders Media on Vimeo.




Esox Magazine - Germany



For all our German friends we can recommend the lastest issue of Esox Magazine where you can read about fishing in Swedish Lapland - Lost World. It´s about how to fish for different species in northen Sweden, with a group of german anglers doing a road trip and covering lots of kilometers and waters. Great reading!


Esox Magazine website after this link >>>


and link to Esox FaceBook page >>>


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