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I have worked as a professional fishing guide and instructor since 2001 in Lapland north of the polar circle. All forms and techniques of fly-fishing work here, as well as jerk bait, vertical fishing, spin-fishing, ocean fishing, harling and trolling. As I guide, your opportunity to use your fishing time well is primary, as is your possibility for learning a lot and for having a truly satisfying river, creek, lake or sea experience.


I speak Swedish, Finnish, English and some German with my guests.


In my waters the fishing season opens in June and lasts through September. The best time for salmon is from late June through late August, for grayling from June 15 through September 15, for trout from June 15 through late August and for pike from June through late September.

Other activities

For the most part I guide and teach in wilderness waters ensuring that some of the other possible activities are also related to the nature experience. These include white water rafting, game safaris and hunting, but also massage, spa visits and day-tours to Finland. 

Additional information

Most of my activities are in the Muonioälven, Lainioälven, Torneälven and Råneälven rivers, as well as in several lakes and lesser waters in the area. I also offer guided tours into the alpine area each season.



Our primary fishes are grayling, trout, salmon and pike. Examples of trophy fishes include grayling (59 cm – 2 kg), trout (5.6 kg), salmon (25 kg in the Muonioälven River) and pike (118 cm). 


I use several different guide boats and equipment for my guiding tours, each chosen to match the type of water and fish species. All equipment is top class as I have a close collaboration with and am a member of the Vision World Team, as well as working with CWC – Catch With Care. I can arrange everything from one-day excursions nearby to two-week treks, as well as all-inclusive helicopter packages. 

Fishing equipment

I have the equipment and lures that I recommend for the waters where I guide, all of which you will have access to during your guided tours. My guiding focuses on increasing your knowledge of the various forms and techniques of fly-fishing, as well as jerk bait, vertical fishing, spin-fishing, ocean fishing, harling and trolling. When you forward a guiding request to me you will always get information on fishing, equipment, waters and a recommended packing list.

Fishing regulations

During my guiding tours I have the rule that we never keep more fish than we can eat during the day. In certain waters the rules are even stricter, including that no fish is kept at all.



There are several housing facilities, cabin villages and camp sites in my area. I also have access to Sami tents for use out in the wilderness. The larger camp sites have restaurants and several different housing alternatives to match all choices and needs. 


Location & transfer

My base is some 200 km N of the Polar Circle at the river border with Finland. There we are 250 km E of Kiruna and the closest airport is at Kittilä in Finland some 70 km away. Other distances include the Pajala Airport (130 km), Kiruna (250 km), Rovaniemi (250 km) and Luleå (350 km).

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 67.94759, Long: 23.64131

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Contact information

Company: J.L Guiding
Address: Muoniovaara 20
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