Fishing in Sweden – an angling paradise!


The Swedish coastlines, rivers and its largest lakes, such as Vänern and Vättern, boast excellent salmon and trout fishing. Trout, char and grayling are plentiful in the waters northwards from central Sweden. Pike abounds throughout the country and pike-perch in the southern regions. This offers fishing enthusiasts a wide range of choices among the most popular kinds of fish without needing to compete for fishing space with other anglers. In Sweden, it’s not uncommon to have an entire stream or lake to yourself. Sweden offers excellent fishing waters, beautiful natural scenery, fabulous outdoor activities, peace and quiet, fresh air and pristine waters – in short, an angling paradise!


   South Sweden - Tiveden Flyfish


Fishing – a Swedish growth industry

Sweden has an enormous potential in the international fishing tourism sector. Fishing tourism is one of the Swedish tourism sector’s single most promising segments for attracting travelers to Sweden. This means that the European and American fishing tourism markets could play an even bigger role in the development of the Swedish tourism sector than it does today, especially in the development of rural areas. Travelling to and within Sweden is simple and safe, cost levels are attractive from an international standpoint and it is easy to communicate and receive assistance throughout the country.


We’re working together represents a concerted effort to strengthen our competitive position by developing a tool for communication based on market demands in the areas of accommodation, service and equipment. It also helps generate additional resources for marketing outside the country.



   South Sweden - Blekinge guideboat. 


The project is aimed at improving and cultivating Sweden’s extraordinary potential in this area by:


- Creating a web portal with information about various fishing destinations/facilities, including links to reservation and sales channels for the facilities.

- Conducting fam trips to participating fishing destinations/facilities for international fishing tour operators.

- Establishing and developing relations with foreign press and media and inviting them to Sweden for press junkets, preferably in collaboration with travel organizers and agents.

- Participating in trade fairs and expos throughout Europe.

- Developing the range of products and services via contacts with new and established fishing destinations/facilities within participating Leader areas in order to meet the requests and demands of various markets.


   North Sweden - Vuolerim Fishing Area


The project is based on a collaborative effort between various Leader areas within Sweden, focusing on businesses and enterprises in the fishing tourism sector. Leader is one of the initiatives of the EU Rural Development program. Other interested parties also have the opportunity to participate in the project. The three-year project is financed by the participating Leader areas, ranging from Skåne in the South to Lapland in the North and collaborates closely with Visit Sweden*. The Nedre Dalälven local interest group (NeDa) serves as co-coordinator of the project. The project team has many years of combined experience in the fishing tourism sector, including previous collaboration with the Top10 Fishing Sweden booking agency.


Our web pages offer a comprehensive guide to the vast fishing sector, as well as to attractive accommodation close to the best fishing waters. In short, everything you need to organize a highly successful fishing holiday! Welcome to Sweden, Europe’s greatest angling country. Sweden is where the fish of your dreams can be caught!


Participating Leader areas are:

* VisitSweden is a communications company that works to promote the brand of Sweden and the Swedish destinations and experiences internationally. More on





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