Long distances? No problem!


Visitors often remark, “Sweden is certainly a big country!” But long distances are not a problem thanks to our excellent communications. There are ferries, trains and airplanes to take you to your fishing paradise. And roads – why not take your own car? The road network is well developed with high standard roads throughout the country. Take your time, look around and who knows what you’ll see – perhaps even a moose!


South Sweden - Ranrike / Bohuslän


Many airlines have cut their prices and introduced new travel classes to meet the competition. Thus travelling to Sweden is not only easier, it’s less expensive, regardless of where in the world you start out. In co-operation with the Star Alliance, SAS Scandinavian Airlines links many parts of the world directly to Sweden and operates connecting flights to major cities in Sweden via Stockholm. In addition there are a number of low-fare airlines operating at alternative airports near the big cities, providing an interesting alternative for anglers searching for a budget alternative.


   South Sweden - Zander from Skaraborg. 


The opening of the Öresund Bridge has made non-stop travel between mainland Europe and Sweden a reality. While both trains and cars take this route to Sweden, there are also a number of ferries running from Finland, the Baltic Countries, Poland, Germany and Denmark. So getting here is not a problem either!


If you travel with by car in Sweden early or late in the season, you are obligated to have winter tires (with or without studs) from December 1 to March 31. Starting in August 2007 a congestion tax in and out Stockholm is charged for Swedish-registered vehicles. In January 2013 congestion tax is planned for Swedish-registered vehicles driving into and out of central Gothenburg.


   South Sweden - Searun Brown Trout. 


Don’t drink and drive.

Swedish laws concerning driving and drinking are very strict. The maximum amount of alcohol in the blood when driving is 0.02%. As of June 1, 2010, the same rules apply for boats longer than 10 meters or with a speed in excess of 15 knots.




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