Up in the mountains

Last Tuesday me, my cousin Mattias and our friend Petter went by car to Kvikkjokk and flew by helicopter up to the mountains. We had some amazing days up there with very beautiful fishes. A lot of trout, but also some arctic char and grayling. This land and waters belong to the Samish people and no one else are allowed to fish there. But I'm wondering if this could be a new guiding place... We will se!


Grayling double



Five days of test guiding

I have been out guiding a father and his son for a couple of days. They traveled from Stockholm and arrived at the bus station in Älvsbyn, where I picked them up. On the way we stopped at a small lake and my guests caught trout, grayling and perch. Good start! When we arrived to the cottage we immediately packed our stuffs and went down the lake for some pike fishing. There was no great results, but we caught some pikes around 70-80cm on spin fishing.

Day 2
This day I decided that we were going out on a bigger lake for some trolling. Summertime, you have the best opportunity to catch a big pike on trolling. But when we had put my boat into the lake I noticed that the lake was bright like a mirror. That isn’t the best condition to fish for pike. The pikes get shy and don’t rise against the surface to take the baits. However, we tried! And in fact, we succeeded to catch some pikes, and one was pretty nice.



Because of the bad weather for pike, I decided to go to shore and get back to the cottage. Then change gear and go for some grayling fishing. But it wasn’t so easy to fool the graylings this evening. So the father insisted that I should show them how to do it. I took his rod and made a few casts. Then I suddenly had a nice grayling in my net.



After that I showed them a new place, where I thought it should be some graylings. And of course I was right, the father caught a nice one! Then we went back to sleep, to be ready for next day of fishing.  



Day 3
Now, there were time to catch perch. So we went to a river, about 3km away from the road. It’s not so easy like it may sound. The terrain in this land is really tough to walk in, because of the huge areas of marsh. I’m used to it, so for me there was no trouble. Even the father and the son made it without complaining! While we were there they caught a lot of nice fishes, both pikes and perches.  Unfortunately I succeeded to catch the biggest perch this day. It was a really nice one with great proportions. The weight was 940g. When we got back to the cottage, we all fell asleep. 



Day 4
My guests were really tired after yesterday’s walk, so we chilled out and went fishing at noon. The lake and the river which pour into the lake, was today’s fishing spot. My guests caught a few pikes in the lake before we went to the river. We were going to make a new attempt to have great grayling fishing.  And this time, the son caught several.  He outshined his father with the result 5-0.



Day 5
Today, my guests were going home. But I calculated that we should be in time even with a stop along the road, of course we were going fishing! Both the father and the son manage to catch several graylings and trouts. It had been five fantastic days!


//Markus, TeilusFishing

Fishing weather

In Sweden we use to say: ”there are no bad weathers, just bad clothes”, in a funny way. But I don’t know if that’s really true. As a fisherman you are used to dress properly before every fishing tour. You have to be ready for all kinds of nasty weathers. Furthermore, it takes a lot to make a fisherman give up. But now I will tell you about a common grayling fishing tour in Swedish Lapland.


Me and my friends had driven the boat to the end of the lake, to go shore and fish in the river that pour into the lake. A good boat driver as I’m, I just succeeded to evacuate a storm weather. When we had like 100 meters left to go to shore, the lightning hit straight down in forest just besides us. The sound was really loud and frightening. I’m not afraid of the thunder, but this time I was really scared. I think that I have never felt so small and exposed. But we got to shore unharmed and the weather was getting better. In fact, it became clear and sunny. Besides, we caught several nice graylings. After a while, it started to rain again and it increased quickly. During just a few seconds the rain became hail. It was not so fun to be fishing at the open marsh anymore. I ran to the forest and hide under a huge fir, as the hail (which was just over one centimeter diameter) fell over me. The pain of being hit was nothing to laugh about, and suddenly the calm fishing tour was very dramatic. After five minutes the hailstorm had passed and me and my friends could crawl out from our cover. My shirt was not really the right choice for today’s weather…


This is an example how the weather can change fast up here. So you have to be prepared!


1,5cm diameter hail


//Markus, TeilusFishing

New blogger: Markus Teilus

Hello, fishfanatics all over the world!
My name is Markus Teilus and I'm born in 1993. My absolute biggest interest is fishing and it have become my lifestyle. I'm a educated sportfishing guide and work in the Swedish Lapland. Everything with fins on, have to watch out when I'm in the neighbourhood. I don't just fish for all the species, I'm also using all kinds of methods I'm able to. Besides fishing, I love to be outside in the nature and the fantastic wilderness we have up here in the North part of Sweden. At these times I have a camera in my hand instead of a rod. So maybe you will be able to see some nice photos here forth. Also, I will maybe post something about the Samish culture, cause I'm a Same and think it's very interesting and have a value to keep and save. As a new blogger here at SwedenFishing I have an ambition to share my experiences and adventures with the rest of the fishing-world. I want to tell everyone, and let you know, how beautiul nature, amazing waters and great fishing Sweden have. So in this blog you will have the opportunity to follow me, my fishing, guiding and everything else that happens on the way.


Markus Teilus - Guide, writer and photographer

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