Catch & Release - How to do it right



Even if this short video is from New Zealand, it holds true for all fish all over the world when they shall be released. Here´s the short list of Do´s:

- Use barbless, single hooks as much as possible or flatten the barb.
- Use a long-nosed pliers for easy hook removal.
- Bring the fish in as quickly as possible to avoid over-exhaustion.
- Use equipment & line/tippet strong enough to land the fish quickly.
- Use a net with a soft, knotless, cotton mesh, or rubber net. 
- Wet your hands before touching the fish, and always grasp it very gently. 
- Keep the fish in the net, in the water all the time during the release. 
- For a trophy image, make a quick lift out of the water and immediately snap the picture. 
- Release the fish in clear, undisturbed water. 
- If the fish is exhausted, support it in the water until it swims away. 

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