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Saxnäs offers fishing for everyone at a comfortable distance from the Fishing Centre at Kultsjögården. Those interested in running water can choose between many river and creeks and there are lots of small lakes and tarns scattered in the Stekenjokk mountain area or in the Njakafjäll woods. We offer packages in limited fishing waters such as river Ransarån and Upper Fiskonbäcken Creek, both with tent living. Trout and char dominate the Marså and Kultsjöå rivers and in the latter there is grayling. While here you live comfortably in our self-catering cabins or in flats or rooms at our hostel.


At Fiskecentrum Saxnäs - Kultsjögården we speak Swedish, Finnish and English with our guests.


The Fishing Centre is open all year. The fishing is seasonably defined with char best fished in winter and summer; trout is fished in summer and autumn until the fishing is stopped in running waters.

Other activities

There is much to interest the non-fisherpersons among us, including mountain hikes, picking berries and mushrooms, Same culture, Fatmomakke church village, snow scooters, skiing, spa, massage and restaurant.

Additional information

We hold fly-fishing courses for beginners and experienced fisherperson alike. We can arrange rental cars from Vilhelmina, Östersund and Umeå and transport from Vilhelmina.



The Lower Ransarå River offers fly-fishing for char reaching 3 kg and in the crystal-clear water upper part of the river trout of the same size rise to the hook. Other area waters offer excellent grayling fishing, while the forest lakes have superb pike stocks.


There is a range of fly-fishing products in our Kultsjögården shop that includes rods, reels, lines, flies, waders and other fishing and outdoor items. You can buy your fishing and hunting licences here, as well as hiring a boat or fishing equipment. We offer professional fishing guiding together with the day’s best tips and information about fishing in the various waters in the area.

Fishing equipment

The area surrounding Saxnäs boasts a wide choice of running and still waters in different sizes, both in the hills and in the lower reaches. Equipment:  • Fly-fishing:  8-9 ft rods in the 4, 5 or 6 line classes fitted with floating line and sink leader for high water and lake fishing. Nylon 9-12 ft leaders and 0.15-0.20 mm tippet material. • Spin-fishing: UL-rod with 5-12 g casting weight, thin braided line, small spinners, spoons and wobblers. • A hook remover / pliers and a net without knots are recommended for releasing fish undamaged.

Fishing regulations

Fishing in running water is generally prohibited Sept 15 through Oct 15, as is lake fishing from August 20 through Sept 20. Minimum size for salmonid fish is 40 cm and a 1 fish limit / fisherman is in force. Some waters are exclusively C & R. The catch-limited Ransarå River and Fiskonbäcken Creek are exclusively fly-fishing waters. For the sake of the future – be careful with both nature and fish.



We can offer visitors several types of lodgings with varied prices:  The Kultsjögården hostel has single, double or 4-bed rooms. You have access to fully equipped kitchen facilities, a living room with TV, WC and shower. The hostel also offers 4-bed row house flats fitted with combination kitchenette, dining room and a bedroom, as well as WC/shower and a terrace with a lovely view. There are 4-bed detached cabins at Kultsjögården as well. Each has a kitchen and two sleeping lofts with bunk beds, WC, shower and a terrace with a lovely view.   The tenant-owner’s BRF Saxnäs cabins are privately owned, timbered cabins with 6-8 beds. Located at the Saxnäsgården on Lake Kultsjö offer a magnificent view towards the Marsfjällen mountains. The main room has a kitchen, dining area, sofa, TV and wood-fired stove, as well as WC, shower and sauna. The beds are placed in two bedrooms with bunk beds and/or single beds; linen/towels, final cleaning and food packages are available.. The cabins have a veranda.


Location & transfer

Saxnäs is a small mountain village in southern Lappland Province some 90 km NW of Vilhelmina and 300 km N of Östersund. Flights from Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) take 2 hrs. Stockholm is 730 km or 10 hrs by car from Saxnäs, Umeå 350 km or 4 hrs, Östersund 310 km or 4 hrs and Göteborg 1060 km or 14 hrs.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 64.970464, Long: 15.346125

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