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Welcome to a small fishing paradise located on the Indalsälven River close to Sweden’s midpoint. This is home to the truly large pike – an 18 kg whopper was hooked some years ago! You will stay in a newly renovated flat in a wing of a farm built in the 1800s, with all modern comfort. You can hire a boat on the site and we can move the boat to other waters within the fishing area, if should you wish to try your luck elsewhere.


At Skönviks Gård we speak Swedish and English.


Fishing begins towards the end of May and continues to the beginning of October. Since the water is cold throughout the summer, the fishing is great the whole time.

Other activities

Our guests often hike in the lovely nature where, with a bit of luck, you can see moose and sometimes even bear. The air, the silence and the pure nature is much appreciated. If other sights are sought, Östersund is nearby. 

Additional information

We welcome all anglers to the beautiful waters of Skönviks Gård Pike Fishing Centre!



Pike and perch are primary in the Indalsälven River. A few years ago an 18-kg pike was landed. Other species that can be successfully fished here include grayling, lavaret and brown trout. Pike at around 10 kg are often caught here. 


We have three Linder 440, 4.4 m boats fitted with Yamaha and Suzuki 4 hp, 4-stroke motors. Guiding is done from a Quintrex, 4.4 m boat fitted with a Honda 50hp, 4-stroke motor and an electric motor. Lures and simpler fishing equipment can be bought at the camp.

Fishing equipment

Spin-fishing and casting are the primary fishing methods here, plus some trolling. Mostly large spoons and wobblers are the most popular. Our fishing guests usually fish from an anchored boat. Immediately after midsummer a lot of insects are hatched, leading lavaret and grayling to bite well on flies.

Fishing regulations

Catch & Release of all uninjured fish is the rule here. For pike this rule means that all fish under 40 cm and over 80 cm are released. You can retain the fish you eat during the day regardless of species, but only one per person.



You will rent a 70 sq.m. flat in one of the wings. There is space for five persons and is completely fitted for self-catering. There is satellite TV and wireless Internet. Bedding and towels are included in the price. Our beds are comfortable and none are bunk-beds. The flat is rented by the week. 


Location & transfer

The fishing camp is located next to the Indalsälven River 150 km W of Sundsvall and 50 km E of Östersund. Driving to Sundsvall takes about 1.5 hours, to Östersund around 45 minutes.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 63.18477, Long: 15.52773

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