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Sports fishing attains new heights in the river Nedre Dalälven area, there where the water flows through handsome lakes and many rapids. Hedesunda Camping is found in the middle of this lovely, unspoilt nature right on the beautiful Ön Island. You can fish from the shore or explore the waters in one of our fully equipped fishing boats. We can give you information about the best fishing sites and techniques. Rent one of our comfortable cabins or bring your own caravan.


We are able to communicate with our guests in several languages, including Swedish, English,  German and Dutch.


Hedesunda is open from April 15 to October 31. The best pike season is in the spring from May through June and in autumn from September through November. Pikeperch likes warmer waters from June through October and perch bites from May through November.

Other activities

The camping is centrally located between the larger cities Gävle, Uppsala and Stockholm. There is always something for the whole family, such as shopping, swimming, hiking, cycling, picking mushrooms, attend a whiskey tasting, visit the elk (moose) park, see the Viking Farm, and much more.

Additional information

We welcome all anglers to our beautiful fishing area!



The primary fishes are pike, pikeperch and perch. The largest pike caught is 127 cm, largest pikeperch, 98 cm and for perch, 48 cm.


One Quicksilver 450 – 15 hp, three Linder 400 – 9.9 hp, seven Linder 440 – 4 hp. All boats can be fitted with eco sounding equipment and el motor. The camping office sells fishing licences, charts and fishing equipment. We are happy to recommend the best fishing spots and the most efficient technique, as well as arranging for fish guides.

Fishing equipment

Jerk, spin, cast, vertical and dropshot fishing. 
Spring: jerk, spin, trolling, vertical and jig. Lures: jerk, spinner, twitch, 1-4 m wobblers, spoons and jigs.
Summer: trolling, vertical, dropshot, jig, spin and jerk. Lures: wobblers, jigs, dropshot and live bait.
Autumn: 3-6 m trolling, vertical and jig. Lures: large wobblers (>15 cm), large rubber fish (>20 cm), jigs.

Fishing regulations

“Catch and release”. You may keep fish for evening meal. Pike smaller than 50 cm and larger than 75 cm, as well as pikeperch smaller than 45 cm and larger than 70 cm must always be released.



Laxen Cabin: 4-6 persons, 42 + 20 sq.m. (sleeping loft). This handsome all-timber cabin is built in a traditional Swedish manner. A pleasant, comfortable cabin with two separate bedrooms, a sleeping loft, bathroom and a combined kitchen/living room. The cabin is fitted with shower/WC, TV, refrigerator, stove with oven, wood stove and convertible sofa.


Gös Cabin: 4-6 persons, 34 +15 sq.m. (sleeping loft). As the Laxen cabin, this is a timber cabin comprising two separate cabins. A pleasant, comfortable accommodation consisting of a bedroom, sleeping loft, living room and a bathroom with shower and WC. There is a kitchen in the living room, plus dining table, wood stove and TV.

Harr Cabin: 2-5 persons, 13 + 13 sq.m. (sleeping loft). Both these cabins have an upper storey with three beds and a ground floor with a convertible sofa, hot plate, accessories, refrigerator, electric heat and a table with five chairs.


Location & transfer

Hedesunda Camping is located 140 km north of Stockholm and 45 km south of Gävle. The nearest airport is Stockholm/Arlanda (app. 1.5 hrs). By car follow signs for Ön, Camping and Sandsnäsbadet on Rt 56 (Gysinge to Hedesunda).

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 60.350, Long: 17.021

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Contact information

Company: Hedesunda Camping
Address: Övägen 68
Zip/City: SE-810 40 Hedesunda
Phone: +46(0)291-441 23
Website: www.hedesundacamping.se
Email: info@hedesundacamping.se

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