Mörrum Opening Weekend



Here is a short report from the opening days of river Mörrumsån. " It was wonderful to see our small town Mörrum come to life today and there was life even in the water! Pictured above is Stefan Enevoldsen with a fresh run seatrout from Pool 9 from this morning... A fantastic fish - pure silver! C&R. In case you are interested in some days fishing in March you are welcome to send us an email. We'll try to help you to make your dreams come true - there are a few licenses left.


Below: A fresh run seatrout from Pool 4, caught today by a very happy Kristian Klüft... C&R and appr.16-17 pounds! 



We also want to tell you about the new beat Ekeberg i river Mörrumsån:  "Ekeberg" is a beautiful part of the river close to the small town Svängsta, 8 kilometers uppstreams from Mörrum. The beat starts below the powerstation "Marieberg" and ends southwards where ABU's well known stretch starts. The new beat is about 700 meters long and we are fishing the west bank. We are sharing Ekeberg with the local fishing club from Karlshamn -our guests have the possibilty to fish on uneven dates starting at the 29th of March and the members of the club are fishing on equal dates. We are happy that we can offer you this exclusive stretch of the Mörrum and in order to keep the good quality of the fishing we provide only four licenses per day. It's bookable from tonight and if you want to fish your own private beat of the river take your chance - call three of your friends and book the fantastic beat for a whole day - only you and them! As "Ekeberg" is located below the powerstation in Svängsta you have the chance for early salmons already in May and fantastic fishing for seatrout in summer and autumn. The special thing with Ekeberg is that the salmons on their way uppstreams refuse to pass the powerstation before the end of May - they accumulate in the part of the river downstreams the fishpath - Ekeberg!  


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