Cod & salmon in Simrishamn




From mr Johan Abelsson at AbelFishing we get many reports about good fishing in the Baltic Sea around the little town of Simrishamn in south Sweden. Salmon is Johan´s main quest, but for many of his summer clients the fishing for cod is another highlight. Here is a short translated report:


Has guided many anglers during the summer and all have caught cod in good numbers. Nice customers who have houses on Österlen or have rented summer residents. Constant fishing for cod not too far out at see, and all the guests have got more cod than they had expected. Many small but also a lot of very nice ones over 5 kg. It has at times been so intense fishing that the guests almost got tired arms when we found the big shoals. Self-caught cod for dinner a great thing, tastier fish is hard to find! Now it has started blowing fresh south-westerly and westerly winds and it looks set to continue for a while. This means that the surface water is blown out and it gets cooler along the coast, which always attracts the salmon in large numbers. A normal day we get in contact with 5-10 salmons in August if the wind is just right. During August I run both half days and full days and one can choose both salmon or cod fishing.


Johans blog (in Swedish language) is nice reading (and looking at pictures!) for all anglers:


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