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Ice fishing

This time of year we fish pike, perch or rainbow trout. The chance to catch a really big fish is often greater on a winters day on ice than during other seasons. Fishing on ice can also be combined with other activities. A fire for grilling hot dogs or hamburgers may also be arranged.

Included in package

All fishing equipment and fishing license, and also a picnic basket containing cold and hot beverages, buns and snacks, is always included.

Price fr. request

Lunch can be booked as an addition.

Additional information

The winter season with its´blue and pink colours and tranquility is magic. Take the opportunity to try one of winters´perhaps most amusing out door activities - ice fishing! We hope this may be a perfect pause in the conferens, a fun client- or team event, or just a wonderful day outdoor with family and friends.

We use ice sledges that are well equipped with suitable devices for what you aim to catch during the day. The activity is performed only on absolutely safe ices and all participants are geared with ice-prods. Bring comfortable and warm clothes. Underwear and socks of wool, waterresistant jacket and trousers. Most important is warm shoes with thick sole. A backpack with collapsible stool is preferred, and extra pair of socks and mittens, if you get wet. We bring floating overalls and/or life vests, and some camping seat pads.

The performance of ice fishing activities may vary depending on weather, status of ice and your requests.

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