Winter salmon trolling




We are now in the middle of the winter here in Sweden and the fishing season is not i full swing. But due to very mild weather with plus degrees for many weeks now, the trolling for salmon and trout are very hot, both in the Baltic Sea and in the big lakes Vänern and Vättern. Pictures above are top from the Baltic Sea with Abel Fishing, and belov CharterFiske from lake Vättern. 


Links to websites:

Abel Fishing >>>

CharterFiske >>>

Baggerud >>>

Hammarö Trolling >>>


Article Torpa Gård - AngelWoche



Here is a nice article about camp Torpa Gård by lake Boren, published in German magazine AngelWoche and written by Marcus Türk. Click here the open article as PDF-file >>>


Central Skåne region



In the central parts of region Skåne we have now added some new fishing tourism entreprenours, who offers a wide selection of different fishing experiences and type of accommodation. Please see list below and use the links to visit their fact presentation at 


Bondemölla Sportfishing >>>


Kalvshults Gård >>>   


Skansen Bed & Balance >>>   


Swecamp Jägersbo >>>   


Rainbow Lakes >>>   


Ringsjö Krog & Wärdshus >>>   


Ivögården >>>   


Ringsjöstrand >>>   


Kalvshult Fritidsstugor >>>   


Månstorp Fishing & Cabins >>>   


Ringsjöfisk >>>     


Ödevata Fishingcamp newsmail



Ödevata Fishingcamp in south Sweden make a nice newsmail which are sent to former guests and other people, and it is both in Swedish and English. 


Read the full newsmail in your browser here >>>


Here you can read more about Ödevata Fishing camp on >>>


Article Der Raubfisch - Sjuhärad



We recently had an article published in magazine Der Raubfisch about pike and pikeperch fishing in the area of Sjuhärad in southwest Sweden.


You can read the full article  by clicking this link to open a PDF-file >>> 


Dutch press trip



For our Dutch readers we here share a link with article and images from a press visit this year to south Sweden, enjoy!



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