Deep pike fishing

I meant to catch some large zander in a small lake near my home this weekend. An early morning, 3am, but the sun was already up, and as usual no competition on the best spots of the lake. Going for the large zander lurking in the pelagic regions of the lake, and we soon found them - or that is what we thought. A good clear echo on 10 metres of depth, immedeately going for the 20cm shad that we offered. BAM!...and it was gone together with the jig - probably pike. 
Half an hour later it was time again, fish on 8 metres of water this time, the bottoom at 16 metres.  The jig went down and the fish reacted, and hit the jig on 6 metres. We could tell that it was a good fish, but what species? A minute later it came to the surface - pike again.
And that was how the day continued, the zander kept reacting and neglecting our baits and the only fish biting was the pike. Landing some nice fish between 75 - 90 cm. So if You are going to Sweden in the next couple of weeks, go for the pike and do not fear to fish deep. (All fish was standing in between 6-11 metres).

Attach a picture of Mr Daniel Stolt and one of the pikes. Caught in a lake in the area of Sommenbygd in the region of Östergötland.



Pike fishing in Nedre Dalälven

Here is a great movie on pike fishing from the Nedre Dalälven area of Sweden. You can easily find pike fishing destinations situated along the Daläven river by using the yellow widget on the right side. Choose: "Central" - "Pike" - "Running water" from the drop down tabs (to further scan your results, zoom the map on the results page). Here's the movie!



Tight lines!


New Swedish records

During this rather rainy week, the Swedish national organization for anglers (Sportfiskarna) announced that this spring has delivered two new Swedish records for the species bream (Abramis brama) and rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus ). And both of them was caught in the south of Sweden!

The impressive bream was caught in the region of Skåne, lake Bysjön, weighing in on 7960g with a length of 74cm. Caught on a combination of real maggot and a "fake" maggot.

The new Swedish record for rudd is now 1730 g with a length of 46 cm. Caught in the region of Östergötland, river Svartån, on a bread flake early in the evening on May 15th.


I'd also like to mention that the Swedish "super angler" Jörgen Larsson caught a zander in the end of May weighing 11,82 kg with a length of 101 cm. That was just 187 g from the Swedish record!


And remember, after all this rain, the salmon will surely rise in our southern rivers on both the east and west coast - time to get in the car and head for Sweden! 

Pure gold from river Svartån; Swedish record for rudd. (Source: Sportfiskarnas storfiskeregister


Magic in lake Bysjön, the Swedish record bream! (Source: Sportfiskarnas storfiskeregister





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