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Welcome to the best perch fishing in Sweden! Vombfiske offers fishing, living and boats in Lake Vomb, a lake endowed with the natural conditions for being one of the best perch lakes in Europe. It is a reputation it lives up to. To the fishing we add extras like fresh, newly renovated lodgings but a short distance from the lake.



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Frekko Fishing, nr #100 on the web!


We just reached 100 fishing tourism entreprenours at SwedenFishing.com with Lapland guide Fredrik Mickelsson-Skaulo and his company Frekko Fishing. "Frekko will be your guide, sharing ten years of experience guiding through the best fishing waters in Swedish Lapland. After a lifetime of fishing here he knows where all the best fishing spots are for each season and always works to fulfil your specific wishes. Your time with Frekko will be unforgettable, drawing you back again and again, each time experiencing something new!"



Baggerud Camping & Fishing to website


Anglers looking for a nice location for trolling in lake Vänern now has a good option at SwedenFishing.com ; Baggerud Camping & Fishing on the northeastern shore of the lake. " The waters outside Baggerud is known for having several of the best trolling sites for salmon, trout and pike in the entire lake. Launching the boat is nearly a year-round possibility due to the open waters seawards of our launching ramp as it seldom ices over. The top fishing spots lie right outside the ramp and the cabins have a fantastic sea view from their location only a stone’s throw from the Vänern seascape."


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Early autumn zander fishing



How come the clock does not seem to move when you are waiting to go fishing?



After a month of hardly any fishing, and with reports that the zander fishing is on the way, it is with shivering hands that I leave the office and head for the lake. 40 minutes later, after meeting up with my friend David, we are in the boat and on the move. We know the place well, the area is rather limited, fish seems to stock up on a special spot - this is where we will focus.

One can't helt to be amazed of how lucky we are in Sweden. In 40 minutes, from a busy city office, I can be out in the total wilderness where it seems no man has ever fishedAnd this is in the southern part of Sweden!


When we finally get the boat on the perfect spot, the shads hardly land in the water when David strikes - FISH ON! Aggressive action in the water, the rod bends heavily and there is no doubt, our target fish has bitten immedeately. In this shallow water the zander fights strongly, one can not believe that it is the same "lazy" fish that often just follows the lure to the surface on deeper water.  When the fight ends, we gently release it after a couple of photos. it is game time!



My turn? Yes, I thought so, but I missed the strike and therefor missed the fish. David,the other hand does, not miss the strike and soon lands another zander. When we release it from the hook for a photosession, David drops the jig in the water. The zander is released, he lifts the jig and - BAM! Another fish has attacked the jig just under the boat... I do feel that the luck is not on my side today. This time it is a rather small pike (~70cm) and it is quickly released.

Four minutes later I finally catch something, this time a perch, so just under ten minutes we managed to land a predatory grand slam, not bad for an afterwork fishing trip.




In the next hour we catch two more zander, and miss four or five more. After that the fish seems to loose interest, and we decide to head home. For an afterwork fishing it is definately a good result, and the best part is that we have the autumn in front of us, definately the best period for predator fishing in the south of Sweden!



Fishing for the big ones

This time I was actually not out for the reason to find new guiding waters. I really wanted to catch a big grayling, so me and my friend Kalle went to a lake that I knew was famous for its great graylings. But this was plan B. The first plan was a little bit more exiting. We were going to a couple of lakes I think have even bigger graylings. But now when the time had come, the weather was pretty nasty. It was really cold and it should be raining the whole week. So we decided to stay at the first lake, so we could sleep in a cosy cabin.


The fishing was not so good that we thought. I think that it was too cold and the graylings got passive. But the pikes loved our baits. But we refused to give up, and fought in to the last day. The top three: 1,5 kg/53 cm - 1,32 kg/52 cm - 1,3 kg/51 cm


Maybe this is a new guiding water. At least for the guests who only want to catch big fishes, and not many. But I think anyway, that the summer is a better time for this kind of fishing. The autumn have arrived to the Swedish Lapland now!



Catchmore at Stegeborg added to web


The latest addition to SwedenFishing.com is Catchmore at Stegeborg, near Söderköping some 2 hours drive south of Stockholm. Welcome to Slätbaken Cove, Bråviken Sound and the St. Anna Archipelago in the Baltic Sea. In this one of the Baltic’s finest area for pike, pikeperch and perch, Catchmore offers fishing guides and rental of the best equipped boats in Sweden. With either Stegeborg or Mauritzberg tourist areas as home ports, you’ll be fishing in a very diverse archipelago with many trophy fish. Full board including luxurious three-course dinners or self-catering in a cabin – the choice is yours! 




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