Zo navigeert u op onze website

All information about sport fishing facilities in Sweden is found on the SwedenFishing.com website. New information, blog posts and even more destinations are added on a continuous basis. Built in three levels, the site’s middle level divides the country into three geographic regions to make it simple to plan your fishing trip. The site is easy to use for finding the places that are right for your fishing needs.


   South Sweden - River Lagan

Top level
The top level provides overall information about fishing in Sweden, as well as how tourism works in Sweden. Text links and an interactive map make it simple to navigate to those destinations that interest you.

Middle level
On this level the country is divided into three geographic regions; Southern, Central and Northern Sweden. The interactive map makes it possible to click on the various facilities shown and thus access their specific information. At this level you can also read articles about different topics concerning this geographical part of Sweden; Nature & Waters, Species & Fishing and Weather & Seasons.

Lower or product level
At this level there is detailed information about each facility in English together with pictures of cabins, accommodations and, of course, fishing package arrangements. 


   Central Sweden - River Nedre Dalälven


Search widget
At several places you will find the yellow searchwidget which makes it possible to easily search and find your desired fishing destination. Choose and enter what you are interested in; Fish Species - Water - Region. You will then get a list of all facilities / camps who offer this combination of fishing experience. 


Other functions 
There is Blog on the site where you can find updates, news and fishing reports. There is also a link to www.VisitSweden.com - the official Swedish tourism and travel information site. SwedenFishing is their partner when it comes to fishing tourism.



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