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The Zorb Center blends the fishing enthusiast’s demands for top-class fishing for trout, grayling and pike in the Indalsälven River with the opportunity to fish in smaller forest lakes. Plus the fact that the nearby Lake Gesunden awaits your search for large perch, trout and pike.  And while you fish, there’s a lot for the rest of the family to do nearby.


At Zorbcenter we speak English and German.


Pike and trout fishing are best in spring and autumn. Fishing for grayling starts June 1 and runs the whole summer. Rod and spin fishing for perch is also good all summer, while winter ice fishing for perch is excellent.

Other activities

The Zorb Center has something for everyone – see www.zorbsweden.se. There are lovely forest paths for hikes and berries/mushrooms for autumn excursions. The Döda fallet (Dead Falls), the Thailand Pavilion and Krångede Museum are must places to visit. 

Additional information

We welcome all anglers to our fishing area around river Indalsälven!



You can catch pike, brown trout, grayling and perch in the Indalsälven River. The record pike taken weighed 13 kg and for trout, 7.2 kg. The unregulated Ammerån River is known for its fly-fishing for grayling or brown trout, while Lake Gesunden offers pike, trout and perch. 


Terhi Saiman 4,7 m, with 4 hp - 4-stroke motor. Askeladd 4.45 m, with 5 hp - 4-stroke motor. Linder 440, with 7 hp - 2-stroke motor.. A boat trailer is available for transport between the fishing waters.//Electric motor, guide and dinners can be booked and simpler fishing equipment can be hired.

Fishing equipment

Spin- and fly-fishing are the means when fishing for trout or grayling in the Indalsälven River. Spin is best for perch and pike is best persuaded with spin or trolling.//The Ammerå River is excellent fly-fishing water. Lake Gesunden is perfect for trolling, rod or spin fishing. The small forest lakes are typical spin- and fly-fishing waters.

Fishing regulations

Grayling and brown trout, minimum 30 cm. Grayling season starts June 1. Three pike between 45 and 75 cm can be kept for consumption per person per day, bigger and smaller pike must be released.



The big house by the river. It has a big porch and features nine beds, two bedrooms with two beds for each room, and a 5-bed sleeping loft and is fully equipped with kitchen, TV, WC and shower.


The stock house. It has a porch and a nice view over the river Indalsälven. It features 4 beds with sleeping loft, kitchen area, TV, WC, and shower.


The chalet Härbret. It holds a more basic standard, with four beds, hob and microwave, sink, and outdoor toilet. It is situated 400 m from the service house.


The red house. It has a big sunny porch 800 m from the river, six beds, a convertible sofa, four bedrooms, kitchen, WC and shower, washing machine, TV and free Wi-fi.


The boat house by the river. A basic summer house without central heating for three people, gas plate, barbecue area and outdoor toilet.


Sauna and hot tub is available for rent for all accomodations.



Location & transfer

The Zorb Center in Döviken Cove lies by the Indalsälven River between Östersund and Sundsvall, some 12 km west of Hammarstrand. By car it’s an hour from each airport.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 63.14668, Long: 16.18119

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Contact information

Company: ZorbCenter Fishing
Address: Döviken 145
Zip/City: SE-840 70 Hammarstrand
Phone: +46(0)70-695 42 77
Phone: +46(0)70-589 55 07
Website: www.zorbsweden.se
Email: info@zorbsweden.se

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