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Our dog camp lies on a dream site next to a small lake. Though you cannot drive to here, it is perfect for families. Our trained guide is available 24-hours a day and none of these hours is dark. We are surrounded by a large lake system simply waiting for you. The lodge is cosy, offering all the comfort you’ll need and our seventy-five huskies are always ready to be petted.


At Snowtrail Dogcamp we speak German, English and Swedish.


As soon as the ice breaks up in mid-May you can throw out a line. Our season runs to the end of September.

Other activities

Other activities include hikes on Avvakko, visits to the moose park at Vittange, picking mushrooms and berries, enjoy the sauna, simply potter about or read a good book on the dock. 

Additional information

We specialize in families. It is important for us that every one of our guests regardless of age take with them memories they will not soon forget!



The lake system is home to perch pike, lavaret, grayling, brown trout and river lamprey. 


At the Snowtrail Dogcamp there is peace, a chance to relax and your own fishing hole. We recommend taking our guide along to find the best fishing spots. There is a rowboat for your use within walking distance of lodge. 

Fishing equipment

When spin-fishing for perch and pike we recommend a casting rod 7-9 with a casting weight up to around 30 g. A light casting reel should preferably be loaded at, minimum with a braided 0.20 mm line. Jigs, spinners, wobblers and spoons are all suitable lures. Grass and surface lures are high on our list, often resulting in explosive attacks. On calm days we often see perch hunting near the surface. Fishing here is mostly done from a boat.

Fishing regulations

You’ll need to follow the company policies and rules, including that fish caught should be released. The only exception is what can be eaten on the site. No fish may be taken home!



Our lodge is in the middle without roads, but still with all needed comfort. The all-wood building is cosy. You can choose between two and four-bed rooms. Though we are small, we can sleep 14, have a large living room with a fireplace that invites relaxation. We prepare food using nearly only local raw materials, such as moose, reindeer or fish from our lakes. One delicacy is our newly smoked fish!!! The sauna is available every day, followed by a dip in the lake. It is an ideal playground for the younger set with a rowboat on our house pond inviting pirate games. The dogs are always happy to take a walk with you and we can arrange overnight on a peninsula – we gather the needed equipment for you. 


Location & transfer

Our lodge lies in Lapland Province between Kiruna and Gällivare, 150 km N of the Polar Circle. There is transport from the airport to our lodge, thought the last three kilometres you have to use a four-wheeler.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 67.38410, Long: 20.98424

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Contact information

Company: Snowtrail Dogcamp
Address: Skaulo 92
Zip/City: SE-982 04 Gällivare
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