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We offer fishing in our own private lakes and have access to some 4000 lakes and four rivers in the area, many of which are still virgin territory. It’s your choice whether you fish alone or as part of a guided fishing tour in the wilderness. We provide a number of opportunities for experienced fisherman, families with children and the true beginners. Our guides will help you with recommendations and tips to ensure a holiday to remember.


At Wilderness Life we speak Swedish, English, Danish and Dutch.


Wilderness Life is open all year. During the winter and in early spring we offer ice-fishing, while we fish in running waters and lakes the rest of the year.

Other activities

Besides fishing, we offer many other activities, including hunting, Bushcraft & Survival, jewellery courses, snow scooters, husky safaris and other nature events. 

Additional information

Wilderness Life embraces an Environment & Nature Policy whose most important facet is Leave No Trace; our activities in nature shall leave no imprint.



Our primary game fish include brown trout, grayling, char, lavaret, salmon, perch and pike. Our area includes both calm and running waters of varying types and sizes. 


We can arrange for belly boats or rowboats for use in our own, private lakes. There are guided tours as well ranging from one-day to several days hiking in the wilderness. Our fishing shop sells both fishing and wilderness equipment. 

Fishing equipment

Here you can fly, spin or coarse fish in small forest tarns, larger lakes or running waters. The choice of fishing style and water is yours. We have easily accessible waters near a road or more distant sites reached only after some hiking.

Fishing regulations

Brown trout may not be taken between Sept 1 and Oct 14, while for grayling the period is April 15 through May 31. Minimum size for trout is 50 cm and for grayling 35 cm, with some local variations. We recommend sustainable fishing (C&R) with only a few fishes kept for eating.



Our Lodge offers three rooms with a shared bathroom/WC in the hallway. The rooms are furnished in a genuine wilderness style. Room one has four beds and the other rooms have two, all three have TV and Internet and a fireplace. Our wilderness café is on the ground floor. Here you can enjoy full board, a bar and lounge. There is also a sauna to help you relax after a long day’s activities. Our base camp lies on the lake shore and offers the possibility for grilling or smoking your catch. We also have two wilderness cabins right next to exciting fishing waters. While on our guided multi-day tours you will sleep in tents in the wilderness. 


Location & transfer

Wilderness Life is located in Auktsjaur on E45 between Arvidsjaur and Jokkmokk. The closest airport is in Arvidsjaur some 30 km from our lodge. We can arrange transport from the airport. Other available airports include the Luleå Airport some 144 km E and Skellefteå Airport 178 km SE.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 65.74612, Long: 19.40353

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Contact information

Company: Wilderness Life
Address: Auktsjaur 16
Zip/City: SE-933 91 Arvidsjaur
Phone: +46 (0)761 - 35 98 91
Phone: +46 (0)761 - 35 98 82
Website: www.wildernesslife.se
Email: info@wildernesslife.se

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