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Ryda is an old-fashioned hamlet where the houses were built in a row, as in Astrid Lindgrens Bullerbyn. The farm is situated by the big lake Åsunden with a fabulous view over the lake, with comfortable accommodation and great fishing. High mountains, large forests and meadows around the farm offer great nature adventures.


At Ryda Jakt & Fiske we speak Swedish, English and German fluently.


The camp is open from April to November and the pike season in open waters last during the same time. Perch is caught by spinning rod or angling all through the season and pikeperch durning late spring and summer.

Other activities

The countryside in "Kindabygden" is famous for its magnificent nature with high mountains and deep valleys. At Ryda farm there are several nature reserves, one adjacent to the farm buildings. More about the Kinda district at: http://www.kinda.se


Additional information

The clear water of Åsunden offer great opportunities for swimming at Ryda or anywhere out by the many islands. At Ryda there is also a sauna by the lake.



In Åsunden there are pike, perch, pike-perch, eel, tench, burbot, vendace, bream, rudd and some more species as well as crayfish. There is also a native population of salmon trout. Record pike is over 15 kg and pikeperch over 12 kg.


You can rent aluminium boats for 2 - 3 people with 9.9 hp four stroke engines. There are anchors, sea charts and life jackets available. You can also rent an echo-sounder and equipment for trolling. There is also a well stocked tackle shop at Ryda, where you can rent or buy the equipment you need. We offer guided fishing trips in a "Buster Magnum" boat that is equipped for trolling. In our well-assorted fishing shop you can buy anything from fishing permits to fishing-tackle such as spoons, rods, reels as well as clothing etc. 

Fishing equipment

Pike, perch, pike-perch and char are best caught using spinning or trolling. The pike season in open waters last from April to November. The large pikes are most easily caught using a spinning rod during spring and autumn. Trolling in the deep water works well all through the season. Perch is caught by spinning rod or angling all through the season.

Fishing regulations

We supply fishing permits for all types of fishing, except for crayfishing. We follow the recommendations from “Det Naturliga Fisket”. All fish that will not be eaten the same day must be put back in the lake.



At Ryda farm we can offer accommodation in five old houses, all with high standard and stylish decoration.


"Sörgården" and "Mellangården" are spacious two-storey buildings, earlier on used as permanent family houses but since 1998 part of our business. These houses have 6 and 7 permanent beds respectively and are thus suitable for both small and large groups.

"Loftstugan" and "Gäststugan" are old log houses, originally used as larder and storehouse. In 1999 and 2009 respectively we renovated them to be included in the business. Loftstugan has a loft with four beds. Gäststugan has two small bedrooms, each with two single beds. These houses are suitable for small groups of 2-4 guests.

"Lillstugan" was originally used as farm-hand’s quarters. It was rebuilt 2001 and 2009 and now includes lodgings upstairs and toilet, shower, sauna and washing machine on the ground floor.

All the houses / rooms can be rented with or without bedding and cleaning. All the houses are equipped for self-catering but upon request we can also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner in our farm restaurant. We also offer internet connection in all houses.


Location & transfer

The farm is situated by the big lake Åsunden in south Sweden, between lake Vättern and the Baltic east coast. Distance to Linköping 65 km, Norrköping 100 km, Stockholm 260 km, Jönköping 170 km, Nyköping/Skavsta Airport (NYO) 160 km.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 57.997599, Long: 15.883219

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Company: Ryda Jakt & Fiske
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Zip/City: SE-590 46 RIMFORSA
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