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Nysjöns Fiske facility has five houses with a lake view and a restaurant, a well as pike, perch, rainbow trout and carp in seven lakes. Frössvik with 3 houses for week-long stays year-round; Lake Åsunden 6000 ha (app. 15 000 acres), pike, perch, pikeperch, etc; Lake Herrgölen 10 ha (24.6 acres), app. 10 m deep, rainbow & perch are part of the price when booking Frösstugan, Magasinet or Gammelstugan.


At Nysjöns Fiske we speak English and Swedish.


Frössvik/Lake Åsunden – pike, perch, pikeperch; Lake Herrgölen –rainbow trout, perch; best fishing in spring and autumn.

Other activities

Restaurant with bar. Wood heated sauna and pool, hunting, catching crawfish, Spa & Relax, close to Iceland ponies stable, golf course 18 km away in Åtvidaberg, berry and mushroom picking, wilderness hiking. 

Additional information

We welcome all anglers to our beautiful fishing area!



Lake Åsunden: pike, perch, and pikeperch. Large fish: pike & pikeperch, 1/12 & 1/8 kg. Lake St Bjärn and other lakes: Large pike, 3 to more than 13 kg. Carp fishing: Crucian carp, 0.5 to 2 kg; carp over 15 kg; Rainbow trout: 1 to 6 kg. 


9 Quintrex aluminium 385 flat-bottom, Australian boats, 3.85 metres – excellent boat with 10 hp Honda/Suzuki motors perfect for angling, catching crayfish or family tours. There are two boat trailers. Restaurant, Fishing equipment for rainbow fishing for hire. 

Fishing equipment

Lake Åsunden: spin/wobbler fishing – average depth 5-10 metres or 15-20 metres. St Bjärn – 4 lakes: Spin/wobbler, angling – average depth 6-7 metres. Lakes Nysjön/Lomgölen: Fly fishing, spin, angling – average depth 2-4 metres. Lake Fetgölen: Angling – average depth 1.5 metres. Lake Herrgölen: Fly fishing, spin, angling – average depth 10 metres.

Fishing regulations

Stora Bjärn: pike between 40 - 70 cm – one per household for private use. Lake Åsunden: large annual stock of pikeperch – household fishing. Lakes Herrgölen / Nysjön / Lomgölen: Stocking as needed. Lake Fetgölen: Catch and release fishing for carp.



Åsunden/Frössvik – 3 completely modern houses. Booking one of these three houses includes angling for rainbow trout and perch in lovely Lake Herrgölen. There is a grill house and rowboats included as well. The facilities at Lake Nysjön include 5 houses, a restaurant and bar for groups wishing full board. The package can include living arrangements such as bed, food, wood heated sauna and pool, as well as cleaning and fishing. A conference room is also available. St Bjärn – 4 lakes: 1000 ha (2 460 acres) with pike and perch. Lake Fetgölen: 7 ha (17 acres) with various carp fishes (grass, Crucian and mirror), tench, perch (heavy fish). Lakes Nysjön & Lomgöl: Rainbow trout Groups and individuals who only want to enjoy or meet in the Swedish wilderness are also welcome. 


Location & transfer

Skavsta/Stockholm airport Time from Skavsta 1 hr 45 min. By car: E:4 south from Stockholm, turn left at Linköping East, follow road to rt. 35 south to Åtvidaberg to rt. 134. Turn right and follow signs.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 58.07895, Long: 16.05273

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Company: Nysjöns Fiske
Address: Ånestad, Önhult
Zip/City: SE-597 91 Åtvidaberg
Phone: +46 (0)120 - 230 17
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Website: www.nysjonsfiske.com
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