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Glimminge Station nestles in a handsome verdant setting by the Helgeå River as it meanders through a landscape shaped by pastures, stonewalls, forests and a varied fauna. It is the beginning of your adventure offering paddling, campfires, swimming, sauna and a multifaceted fishing opportunity in several of the midsections of the river. And when you’re not at the river, you’ll stay either in the youth hostel in the rustic train cars or in the tent Camp Njura rigged right on the shore.


At Glimminge Station we speak Swedish, English and some Danish.


Glimminge Station is open from May through September, the best time for fishing pike, pikeperch, perch and bream. It might be somewhat difficult during the hottest days in July and August, but then eel rise to the bait instead.

Other activities

In the area around the camp you can find canoe rental, track inspection cycling, swimming, art gallery, golf and more. 

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The most common pike and pikeperch weights are 2-6 kg, but catches of considerably heavier pike have occurred. Bream reaches good weights in the Helgeå River’s rich waters and perch can also reach trophy weights. Eel weighs mostly between 4-8 hg. 


For our guests we have 3.8m and 4.2 m plastic boats with two-stroke, 4 hp outboards for rent. Environmental fuel is sold on site and boat operators are available at cost. Simpler spinning equipment and lures can be rented. 

Fishing equipment

Pike and pikeperch are fished with spin equipment, spoons and wobbler. Pike can also be caught on jerk and coarse fishing. Evening fishing is often successful for pikeperch using lighter coloured wobblers. Jig-fishing, spinners and coarse fishing work well for perch. Eel is bottom-fished using mostly worms and small fish and done in dark evenings and nights.

Fishing regulations

Minimum size: Pike, 50 cm; pikeperch, 50 cm; eel, 55 cm. Pike over 100 cm must be released. Maximum catch pikeperch, pike and eel is two of each per day. No more than 5 ice-fishing units per person. No more than 2 rods person.



Accommodations in train cars with kitchenette, WC/shower. First class car: 3 two-bed compartments. Second class car: 1 two-bed compartment and 2 four-bed compartments. Third class car: (pets allowed) Open car with four bunk beds (8 beds). The cars are placed 50 m from the Helgeå River.

Camp Njura offers ready-rigged tent camping in a naturally lovely area next to the river. There are three tents, each with four beds, a campfire and simpler WC/shower. 


Location & transfer

From Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen it take around 2.5 hours by car and from Kristianstad only 30 minutes. Broby is the closest town to the youth hostel and camp and lies about 2 km away.

GPS (WGS 84)

Lat: 56.28375, Long: 14.02687

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Contact information

Company: Glimminge Station
Address: Box 15
Zip/City: SE-280 60 Broby
Phone: +46 (0)44 - 440 48
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