Jockfall - Anglers’ Paradise

Pike Fishing Package, 4 nights

Fishing in lakes with lots of pike. Fantastic nature experiences. The facility lies next to the free-flowing turbulent Kalixälven River and the Jockfall with a 9-metre drop and rapids downstream is unbelievable. You would stay in four-bed cabins with access to sauna, shower, restaurant and fishing shop.

Included in package

Included in package // Accommodations in a 4-bed cabin, 4 nights with breakfast.. All lunches or lunch basket, plus four dinners. Necessary fishing licences. Boat with motor for 4 days. Guide for two days. Sauna.

Price fr. 527 EUR/person

Supplements // You can buy additional fishing days. Transfer to airport.

Additional information

Booking: travel agent

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Company: Jockfall - Anglers’ Paradise
Address: Tjärgränd
Zip/City: SE-956 92 Överkalix
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